Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions

How to I create an account?
It's really easy. Simply click the 'SIGN UP' button on the top right of the screen. Fill in a name, email address and profile name, click the FREE bundle and thats it! You can then log into all the downloaded AlstarsKidsClubGO apps on your various devices.

Is Allstars Kids Club Go really free?
Yes it is.  We don't charge for using the streaming platform.  We don't have ads or charge a subscription.

How is this funded?
Our app is funded by support from individuals, ministries and a big slice of faith!  If you feel able to support us and help keep this platform running and growing, please click the 'support us' link on the top right.

    Who makes the content?
    The content featured on the AllstarsKidsClubGO app is from ministries and creators from around the world. We have original AllstarsKidsClub shows as well as drama, music, interviews, stories and much more. We are super excited and grateful to be able to partner with some amazing people.

    We are also excited and praying about creating lots of new content for kids and families and working with others to see this platform grow and be a on-stop place for safe, fun faith-filled content.

    Where can I watch all this content?
    All the content on our platform is available to watch for free on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire as well as Android TV, iPhone, iPads and Android and Google devices. Later in 2020 will also include Xbox, Samsung and LG start TV.

    The AllstarsKidsClubGO app is for home use only. If you are a church or event, please contact the content creators / publishers for permission for group viewings. Please also ensure you have correct license to show in your kids church/church setting.
    You can buy loads of amazing content at www.worshiphousekids.com or www.kidzmatter.com

    Can I get my content on our platform?
    We love to partner with large and small content creators - with the goal of making Jesus known to kids and families around the world.  If you would like to submit your videos, please drop us an email at info@allstarskidsclub.com

    Do you sent emails and marketing?
    No we wont. Your email address is simply required to create an account to allow you the options of off-line downloads, favourites etc.  We will not send marketing emails etc to your email address.

    If you have any further question, please feel free to email us at info@allstarskidsclub.com

    You can also visit our main site at www.allstarskidsclub.com